The ILORA Woman

The ILORA woman is a woman who carries her youth within her soul and not on her skin; Sophisticated, elegant, risk-taking and in love with details, she is the most enthusiastic when it comes to seeking any experience that enriches her knowledge, her convictions and her spirit. What she enjoys more than anything in life is being a woman. Practical and independent, the Ilora woman is in a constant search to reinvent herself and stand out, as long as she is seen as an example of culture, fashion and an inspiring image for whoever has the privilege of observing her.

His convictions, always taking care of his essence, his health and a light walk, spring from the constant search to discover new ways of seeing the world, mixing an earthly and cosmopolitan perspective, with a more relaxed and sublime one that draws his personal style in every occasion. At the end of the day, the most important thing for her is to be comfortable and sure of herself, spreading this feeling in every action of her daily life, to each of the people around her.

Its mission and philosophy is to represent the archetype of the universal, fulfilled, natural and free woman.