For this collection, my priority was to give women tools through my garments so that they develop their own personal style, their own identity in fashion and understand that this is the only thing that transcends beyond the barriers of the physical. It is the style that reflects our interior and crystallizes the colors of our spirit. That's why each design is named after women who have inspired my path.

The color palette reminds us in a very sober and elegant way, the touch of the earth, the richness of the jungle and the origins of life; invites us to conceptualize women as a daughter of nature, with a pure and revitalized purpose, represented in the strength of the jaguar and the colorful freedom of the macaw, which play a very important role when it comes to iconography our roots. and Mexican-Colombian influences.

Women as the ultimate inspiration for this collection allowed me to face my old demons about the complexes and insecurities to which we are exposed today with the perversion of the image and the definition of “perfect.” It allowed me to find my own concept of beauty that extends solely from the inside out. This same contradiction inspired me to collide precepts of the urban and the tropical, the classic and the contemporary and transform a garment that is designed only for very specific conditions into a basic that meets the needs of any environment. An ilora can be used however you want and for whatever you want.

I wanted to reconnect women with their roots, with their origin, with their purpose; remind her that being daring, seductive and elegant is part of her nature and that this nature is now more than necessary to vindicate her purpose in society. The first collection is a celebration of women and the materialization of their essence in design.

“Physique is ephemeral, style lasts forever.”